martedì 4 dicembre 2012

Trento-Cineforum/ Teatro S. Marco

La Perle

Henri d'Ursel, George Hugnet, 1929, dur. 29’

Musica originale di Selene Solare


A young man buys a pearl for his fiancée. He walks out of the jewelry store that opens onto...a forest. He counts the pearls and realizes one is missing so he gets back to the store. On entering he catches sight of an alluring saleslady sitting on...a showcase with her skirt lifted. On one of her stockings, close to the garter, another pearl necklace is tied. The young man takes it away from her. Outraged, the jeweler fires the assistant, who goes away with the man sitting on the handlebar of his bike. After this, the pearl is lost, found, lost again