People on Sunday

Menschen am Sonntag




The DVD presented at the Rimusicazioni festival in 2008 contains 4 different soundtracks that can be selected like you would normally selected the language for the film. The music is by El Muniria, Tiziano Popoli, Loic Dijan and Otto Stenzel.

Menschen am Sonntag "Gente di domenica" (People on Sunday), poorly translated in Italian with the crude "Uomini di domenica" (Men on Sunday), is a silent film conceived and created by a group of friends and directors: the Siodmak brothers, Fred Zinnemann, Edgar Ulmer and Samuel “Billy” Wilder. A few years later they would be forced to leave Germany due to anti-Semitism and the War, to then build careers in Hollywood, but in 1929 they were working on a film that broke the traditional formulas and rigid production and commercial rules in force at the UFA, the leading cinematographic production company in Germany. The film expresses the sheer joy for life felt by two guys and two girls on a nameless Sunday spent together at a Berlin lake. The story is just barely sketched, but the four characters play themselves and all of the interest is focused on the ambiances and careful observation of the little things of everyday life, rather than on an already well-oiled Hollywood mechanism: laziness, irritation, smiles, attraction, kisses, swimming, walks and encounters with so many beautiful faces, so many beautiful people, on a Sunday in Berlin in 1929, still free from the scourge of Nazi power, still far from the war and full of optimism. The powerfully documentary style of the filming in the wake of the tradition of urban “symphonies” is here synthesized with the lightness of romantic comedy while the spare dialogue offers us the naturalness of everyday language in Berlin between the 1920s and 30s. Menschen am Sonntag is a true masterpiece to be discovered and promoted. And this is the goal that the Harlock and Cineforum Bolzano, with the contribution of the Italian Culture Councillorship of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, have set for themselves through the work of the Rimusicazioni Film Festival. We have the soundtrack that was composed by Otto Stenzel for the version of the film we acquired, the very beautiful minimalist remusication by the French Loic Dijan - already the winner the third year of the Festival in 2001 - and the one composed by Tiziano Popoli and performed together with Sonata Island, more “ringing” and traditional. We commissioned a new soundtrack for Menschen am Sonntag from Massimo Carozzi, who has already met with success at our festival, and from Emidio Clementi, formerly the bass, voice and soul of Massimo  Volume, now reunited in the project "El Muniria".

And so it is that we can offer a multi-track DVD of the film, with a number of different soundtracks that can be selected from the menu.  Didactic, philological or provocative as they are, they sometimes risk confusing the narrative thread, but more often they enrich the work, working out an exegesis of the film through the fundamental interaction between sound and image.

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DVD with 4 selectable soundtracks